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We upgraded the 5th Edition D&D API

D&D’s 5th API* is a website which turns the entire D&D 5 SRD** into a format that is both usable programmatically and open source. This is ideal to import pieces of information into virtual tabletops such as Let’s Role, and we have already imported all the monsters available in our current development version.

Yet, while importing the spells, we realized that certain major pieces of information, such as damage, saving throws or AoE, were missing in the API. So we asked our Discord community if some people would be keen on helping us add these data, and some of you answered the call! ChrisFly, Cortez, Eril2212, Indemmar, Jaggerwock, Ocleos, Shiva, Tenshi and TruePika thus browsed the entirety of the spells within the SRD through an interface we built specifically for that purpose. Within a few days, we had gathered all the missing data, and Jonathan was able to create a Pull Request on D&D 5 API’s GitHub page.

After a few weeks of waiting, all our modifications have been approved, and everyone can now access the additional data! That means us, but also every other virtual tabletops!

Thank you kindly again to all the participants from our community for their precious help, and also to D&D 5 API for their amazing website.

pull request

* API stands for Application Programming Interface.
** SRD stands for Systems Reference Document: “The Systems Reference Document (SRD) contains guidelines for publishing content under the Open-Gaming License (OGL).” (Source)

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