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The first phase of the Book Update is one of our biggest new feature!

We are really (really) excited today to launch the first phase of the Books Update! It is a big feature we have been working on for the past months, and we would like to take this opportunity to let you know about it.

Let’s start with the basics, you may already know that we call Crafts any monster, spell or character you create using the content crafting tool. Easy right ? So a Book can simply be seen as a set of crafts… but in reality it’s a lot cooler than that.

With this first phase, we are adding every spell and monster from the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition SRD, yep, that’s more than 640 crafts in one single Book. We’ve also added a new dock only available (at least for now !) whenever you create or join a DnD 5th game as Game Master. In this new dock you can select or search any monster available in the SRD and simply drag & drop its token on your scene. The spells are also there and the cool thing is that you can simply drag & drop any spell onto a character sheet.

Here are some examples to illustrate what it means. The adventurers took a wrong turn and they stumble upon a Gnoll ? A Lich ? In a matter of seconds you can drag & drop the token in the scene and it will have its character sheet ready for you. The newly added craft will have its HP and aptitudes available to use from the get go, based on the SRD. Here is another example, let’s say one of the player from your game found a magic ring allowing them to cast Fireball once a day, simply type fireball in the book dock, drag & drop the spell onto the character sheet and voila ! Exciting, isn’t it ? We sure hope you will agree with us on this one !

There’s a lot of new features in this update and you might need to refresh the game (using control + F5 in your browser) in order to see the Book Dock appear. This update also fixes an issue with the Fog of War not hiding correctly and changes the way crafts work for everyone. From now on, anyone can access the Craft dock and create content, it is no longer restricted to Game Masters. This change means that you can now simply share any craft to anyone at the table ! They can update the craft, use it as a token but not delete or share it. It can really be useful for players using pets for example.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature as it is only the first phase, we will keep working on it and improving it so feel free to let us know what you think, either on the forums or our Discord server.

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