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Surprise! Here is a gift from talented battlemap artists Cze and Peku!

Today we are really excited to announce that the artists duo known as Cze and Peku are kindly giving all of Let’s Role members 5 battlemaps for free!

We have been long time fans of their amazing work and we were stoked to be able to use their maps in the early alpha video of Let’s Role. We strongly believe that our platform can support artists and content creators by promoting their work and we are finally taking a step in this direction.

If this is the first time you hear about Cze and Peku, we strongly recommend checking their Patreon page where they publish a new map every single week. A couple in real life and in their work, they share a passion for role playing games and illustrations and we at Let’s Role often use their maps for our own campaigns.

If you’re wondering, these 5 maps would be normally accessible only to Patreon supporters and we’ve added them to your media manager already. No worries, these files do not count toward your storage limit as it is for all intents and purposes, a gift. You will find them in a new tab called “Partners Content” in your media manager and we can announce that there will be more things to come in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

With the Kickstarter campaign coming up, we are reaching out to various content creators and we are really happy to have the support from Cze and Peku. We’d be thrilled to receive some screenshots from your campaigns if you choose to use their maps, you can reach us on Twitter or Discord!

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