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More gifts coming you way! Eightfold Paper is offering 27 maps and more to all members

Today we’ve got the great pleasure to let you in once again on the good news : Eightfold Paper is offering all Let’s Role members 27 maps and 3 items cards!

Eightfold Paper is Alain and Liam, a duo of artists with a background of doing concept arts for video games. The duo creates 3 map packs each month with alternative versions, all encompassed in series with a unique theme and mood. To go even further they provide items cards to give a sense of what amazing equipment you might find in their worlds.

They have agreed to share with Let’s Role 27 maps, which is two complete series called The Forgotten Temple Of Nine Eyes and Iron Works. Every map is available in high quality with alternative versions (night time, sunset, etc.).

In the new folder you will find on your media manager, you will also discover 3 items cards for you to use in your campaigns. Each card comes in two versions : one already named and one with an empty space for you to complete.

If you like their work, you can support them on their patreon page and gain access to all of the maps they ever created instantly. They also share their Tumblr page for you to get a preview of every map pack released so far.

We hope you will like this new addition to the Partners Content tab in your media manager, let us know on our Discord server what you think :)



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