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After months of work we are delighted to announce that we will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign on the 5th of february at 8 pm CET.

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We have made a teaser of our campaign video for you to see today and all of us at Let’s Role want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, we know we could not be here today without you. Your feedback has been invaluable and it is thanks to your passion from the very early days of the alpha that we managed to get this far. The initial reaction was so great we decided to let the registration open for far longer than we ever imagined however never once did we regret this decision.

From the start Let's Role has been about Tabletop gaming for everyone, creating a platform more immersive, easier to use for both long time players and newcomers. We added many features during the alpha, made some deep changes to our UI, fixed hundreds of bugs and again, thank you for your patience and understanding. The project is getting bigger and bigger by the day but with your continued support we will be able to take the next step, see you really soon !

Header image by Cze & Peku

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