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We’re sending the first wave of Alpha invitations today!

Today we are delighted to tell you that we’re on schedule and that we’re sending the first wave of invitations for the Alpha early access.


We will send emails every day for the next ten days to spread out the stress on our servers and make sure everything runs smoothly.

The email will have the following subject : “Your early access to Let’s Role Alpha” so keep an eye out for this one as you’re probably eager to jump in and try Let’s Role right away.

That’s it for the big news of the day, once again you’re welcome to join us on our Discord server to start chatting with our wonderful community. Since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, members have been spontaneously making live presentations of the alpha using the Discord streaming feature and we would like to thank them.

If you want to see Let’s Role in action, we’re also happy to share some actual plays with you, both in English and in French :

Finally, we’d like to give a shout out to another Kickstarter campaign from one of our partners, Studio Agate. They’re crowdfunding a book called Encyclopedia: Lore Book & Toolbox for your 5E Campaign and it’s already a big success !


Here’s a quick pitch to know what to expect from this book :

“Encyclopedia is a 360-page lore book for your 5th Edition campaign, including dozens of ready-to-use cities, locations, NPCs, plot hooks, and magic items for your next game session.”

We hope you will consider giving their campaign a look !

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