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One week until our Kickstarter campaign ! Here are some questions answered

A few days ago we announced the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign and the reception is overwhelming!

It’s great to finally be able to talk about this and even more to see people hearing about Let’s Role for the very first time and getting excited about the campaign. Thank you so much and welcome to Let’s Role!

We are a week away from the campaign launch and we’re giving the final touch to our page, polishing the full video trailer and also some other things we’ve shown in the teaser. Very soon we will share one-shots of actual play that were recorded recently, one in english and one in french.

Back in December we talked about what the campaign would mean for all of the alpha testers and once again we want to be clear: you have been with us from the start, you will keep your access to the platform during the campaign and after. We can’t begin to tell you how thankful we are for your feedback and support, the alpha has been successful beyond what we imagined and for that, we believe it is only fair to make sure you can keep playing.

For those of you who are not yet registered, you’re probably wondering when the beta will start. In previous news we said we were aiming for a release in May, however with the delay of the Kickstarter Campaign we are now announcing a late summer release for the beta version of Let’s Role. We would prefer to be able to give you a specific date, however we’re aware that some things can take more time than we anticipated. There will be a lot of development involved, the upgrade of our servers as well as a lot of artistic work for the upcoming Kickstarter content.

Speaking of that, we’ve designed some of our Kickstarter pledges to include early access to Let’s Role as soon as the campaign will end. This means that once the campaign is over in the beginning of March (we’re still debating the exact time and date), you will be able to play on the alpha version of the platform while waiting with all the alpha testers for the beta due in the late summer.

Since the very early days of the alpha, you have been asking us how you could support the platform development and Kickstarter is a perfect way to do just that. By getting exclusive content for your table like 3D dice set, avatar frames, character sheets skins and more, you will give us the funds to keep developing Let’s Role and making this virtual tabletop the best it can be.

We still have some announcements to make prior to launch and in the meantime feel free to watch the teaser again, add our Kickstarter page to your bookmarks and share it with your friends and community so that they can be notified of the launch. This is a really exciting time for all of us at Let’s Role and once again, thank you for being with us on this journey!

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