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Collaboration and a new editor for system builders!

We switched to Monaco Editor for the system builder scripting, and - oh boy - is it better!

Jonathan explains the most enjoyable features in this short video:


Asked for a long time by the community, it is now possible to collaborate and build a system with friends! In your system, you can now invite someone with their email address. If they accept the invitation, they will be able to edit your system. But they don't get the same power as the owner, as they won't be able to invite other people or archive the system for example.

When someone is in the system builder, it is locked for other collaborators. They can access the system builder, but it will be in read-only mode. Once the first person is done editing, the lock will lift after a few minutes and others will be able to edit.

We hope these updates will help you build better and nicer systems. If you built a system, please share it with us on Discord!

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