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Kickstarter Announcement! Help us spread the word!

After months of work we are delighted to announce that we will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign on the 5th of february at 8 pm CET.

Let's talk about Kickstarter and what it means for the Alpha

The end of the year is now right at the corner and we want to give you the latest about our Kickstarter Campaign, and what it means for all of you.

Work In Progress set up of Fateforge

A quick update today to share this video of the Work In Progress set up of Fateforge for Let’s Role.

(French) Let's Role à la (Roliste) TV

On a eu la chance d'aller prendre l'apéroliste (virtuel) avec Roliste TV pour présenter Let's Role.

Collaboration and a new editor for system builders!

We switched to Monaco Editor for the system builder scripting, and - oh boy - is it better!

The first phase of the Book Update is one of our biggest new feature!

We are really (really) excited today to launch the first phase of the Books Update! It is a big feature we have been working on for the past months, and we would like to take this opportunity to let you know about it.