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First preview of your cosmetic elements!

It's been a while since we've made any news, but it was for a good cause: we were working on the cosmetics you'll get in the Beta!

We haven't finished making them all yet, and we're keeping a few surprises in store, but here's a little preview of the 3D dice that will be available depending on the pack you've taken. Let's get right to the point!

Combat Shield

Combat Shield A medieval-inspired wood/metal fantasy set available to all backers of the Fantasy Pack and above.


1890 This set is based on the steampunk universe with art nouveau inspirations, available for all backers of the Horror Pack and above.

Dwelling in Mountains

Dwelling in Mountains A traditional dwarf-inspired set, this set will be available to all backers of the Fantasy Pack and above.

Project Orion

Project Orion Lost in space, no one will hear you scream with this "spaceship" set! Available to all backers of the Sci-fi pack and above.

We have many more sets in the works, as well as frames, icon packs and character and table skins. We'll give you more previews soon!

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