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Tom Cartos is offering more than 60 maps to the users of Let’s Role!

Tom has a background in architecture and decided to make maps for Role Playing Games a few years ago.

His main specialty is - of course - mapping buildings: from the small farm house to the huge mansion, he can design anything. Another one is the creation of assets: each of his maps comes with various elements, like benches, crates or rocks so you can customize the map as you wish.

Currently one of the most popular map creators on Patreon, he has agreed to share more than 60 HD maps, freely available to every Let’s Role user! And that’s not all: along with them, you can also find more than 300 free assets to customize your battlemaps! Note that, of course, these images do not count toward your disk space quota.

If you like these maps, please take a look at the incredible work he does on his patreon, and consider supporting him. Know that he is also part of the Token Vault Kickstarter, a project that allows anyone to create and customize the token of their dreams, that will launch on September 8th.

Enjoy the maps :)

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