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Your feedbacks matter! Community suggestions are now on our Trello

A few days ago we announced on the Discord that our Trello web page would be used to track bugs as well as show our roadmap. We’ve decided to take it one step further by adding the community suggestions we would like to add to Let’s Role. Since the start of the project the support and feedback from the community have been a tremendous help for us and we would like to thank you all sincerely for this. There’s no Tabletop gaming for everyone without you and your enthusiasm is a real motivator for us.

There’s one member we would like to thank even more for her help, our one and only Dyzae took the time to sort out and write down all the feedback we’ve received these past few months. From these dozens of suggestions, we’ve made a list that will now be shown on the Trello and edited regularly. We use color labels to show the priority of each and every suggestion and to show you how thankful we are, we’ve already implemented a selection of them !

New shortcut for ping and display full map

From now on, you can press the “p” key on your keyboard and click anywhere on a scene to ping a location. We’ve also added the “m” key as a shortcut to display the full map quickly.

You can now quickly add a character or a craft to the Turn Order

By right clicking on a character token or a craft token, there’s a new option to manually add them to the Turn Order.

Music can now be linked to the loading of a scene

This one has been asked many times and it was something we’ve thought about for a while and we felt it was time to add it. You can link any of your playlist to the loading of any scene, hence instantly immerse the whole table in a new atmosphere.

Two new features for the System Builder

The ability to translate interface elements ("Add" for repeater, "Avatar" etc) We’ve added a confirmation popup when closing the window and some modifications aren't saved yet.

Reading through all these feedbacks has shown us how much you care and enjoy Let’s Role, we really want to make sure you know our goal is to create the very best Virtual Tabletop we can. Thank you for all these feedback and let us know if you feel something is missing or should be implemented to Let’s Role, either on the forums or the Discord server.

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