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As the new Beta site will be available in 6 languages, we are looking for translators in German and Italian.

Working remotely, you will be responsible for translating the interface of the website and the application. We will provide you with JSON files containing the various sentences to translate. You will also have access to screenshots or early access to the website in order to put the translations in context.

You are a native speaker of the language you will be translating into, and have a background in tabletop roleplaying.

If the mission goes well, we will have several other documents to translate over time, such as blog posts or updates to the translated files.

Applicant profile :

  • Strong translation experience
  • Tabletop Roleplaying Culture
  • Autonomous
  • Advanced English level and Native of the target language
  • Freelance (ability to issue invoices)

Other :

  • We do not accept applications for internships or work-study programs

Apply now :

Send us your resume, and any information you think is important to We recommend that you do not include your full name (N. Smith for Natacha Smith), do not attach your photo, and do not include your sex/gender in the email or documents you send.