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  • Language: English
  • Type: Supplement
  • Publication date: 1/1/2023
  • Ruleset: DD5
  • Genres: Fantasy

Creatures 2: Netherworld

Creatures compendium for 5E

Creatures: Netherworld is a collection of more than 180 creatures and encounters compatible with the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game. All the creatures within are related to the exploration of mysteries, whether such investigations see adventurers descending into the depths of the earth or facing off against strange life forms created by Canker—a nigh divine corrupting entity. In the lands below, the boundary between Good and Evil is never as clear as surface-dwellers might want to believe. Set forth into a world of shadows of twilight luminescence!

New playable species. Begin an adventure where you will play as heroes of the dark places! Choose your origin among the many and complex subterranean societies. Drow, duergar, sidhes, simmaïens, and svirfneblin span eleven variants and subspecies, all with their unique culture and challenges related to the Netherworld.

Wonders and dangers. The Netherworld is a multifaceted environment that will test the mettle of adventurers of all levels. Will they face off against Blackwater aberrations? Will they rise against the devastations of the bloodthirsty Anaïdeia? Will they fight the guild of Amamordo, or join its ranks?

Cankerous troops. Canker is a fearsome, mystical power with many faces. Take up arms against ravagers of the hideous scourge, brought into existence in abominable Cankerous nests to rampage across the world! And let yourself be surprised by another side of Canker: Sublime, with its awe-inspiring eeriness and mutations.

Underground perils. Journeying across narrow corridors and through forests of giant fungi, adventurers will encounter new threats. The present book features 20 perils, equally suited to a low-fantasy play style and to an epic steeped in dark magic.