Run a formula to see the result...


3 + 6 7 * 5 8.3 / 1.4


1d4 7d8 3d6 + 4d10 + 1d20 2d20 + 5 37d14 (1d6)d10


1d20 > 10 1d6 < 1d8 10d20 <= 10 (10d20) <= 100 1d4 = 3 1d4 != 2

Weighted comparison Advanced

You can add weight to some values in the comparison. If the value is found, their success ou failure is multiplied by the number after ":".

10 ={10:3} 10 10d6 >{1:2,6:2} 4


(1d20 + 4)[initiative] 1d20 + 3[dexterity] + 2[proficiency] 8d6[fire, ice, damage]

round, ceil, floor

Round : round to the closest integer. Ceil : round up. Floor : round down

round(1d8/3) floor(3.14) ceil(1d20/2)

keeph, keepl

Keep the higher results for keeph, and the lowest for keepl. You can pass a second argument for the number of result to keep (default : 1).

keeph(2d20) keepl(10d10, 3)

remh, reml

Remove the higher results for remh, and the lowest for reml. You can pass a second argument for the number of result to remove (default : 1).

reml(2d20) reml(5d20, 3)

min, max

Keep the highest or lowest result in the arguments.

min(3, 1, 9) max(1d20, 10)

expl, expladd, expln

Explosive dice. You can add arguments to choose the values that explodes (default : highest value of the dice). expl will add new dice, expladd will add the new value to the current dice. expln get a last argument to specify how many times the dice should be exploded.

expl(10d6) expl(7d6, 5, 6) expladd(15d10) expln(8d4, 2)


Multiply only the dice size by the second argument. Useful for crits where you have to double the dice, but not the modifier.

mul(8d10 + 7, 2) mul(1d4 + 3, 5)

reroll, rerolln

Roll again for values passed as extra arguments. Use rerolln and add an extra argument at the end to specify the maximum reroll count.

reroll(3d6, 1 , 2) rerolln(5d6, 1, 2, 3, 1)

Ternary operator Advanced

You can create conditions using the ternary operator syntaxe. The first element is the condition, the second element is applied in case of success, and the third in case of failure.

1d6 > 2 ? 1d20 : 1d10


Please keep in mind that on this page the dice rolls are done on your computer, not using the Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator which is used on the real application.

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