Our platform is being designed to accommodate your every needs and is packed with cool features.

You can easily chat with others in public or private during your game session. You can create multiple characters and keep track of their adventures by filling your built-in journal. You can easily join a campaign or create your own, using various assets like pictures, drawing, sounds and even videos. Our campaign manager is easy to use, even in the middle of a game ! You can simply drag & drop any asset, adapt the size of your scene to it and add a grid, use dynamic lighting and fog of war.

Animated map by Dynamic Dungeons

Introduction video


And the best part is that Let’s Role will be free, and stay free forever ! There’s no trick or premium subscription plan. All features will be available to everyone and we plan to sustain the platform using cosmetic microtransactions. Want to get attention when rolling your dices ? You’ll be able to buy visual effects like flames, sparkles, icy bolts and whatnot.

Map by Crosshead

What's next ?

The platform is currently under development and we plan to launch an early alpha to gather feedback from a select few. Since we’re creating Let’s Role for you, your inputs are very important to us. In early 2020, we plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help us make the last stretch of development and at the same time start an open beta to let everyone enjoy Let’s Role right away.

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Map by Cze and Peku

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