Flesh avatar and token frame

We've heard your character is particularly creepy... so these avatar and token frames will fit him perfectly. This frame is made of stretched skin shreds, engraved with dangerous inscriptions, mounted on rusty metal bars.

Body horror can be a sensitive topic, so we recommend that you talk to the other players at your table before using this frame.

Purchasing this avatar and token frame directly supports the development of Let's Role.

The avatar frame can be added to all your characters without restriction, as many times as you want. The frame is displayed in your character list, on your character sheet, and in the character list during the game.

The token frame can also be used without limit, and is displayed when you add your character to a scene in-game.

The avatar frame and token frame are always sold together, but you will be able to choose a token frame and avatar frame from a different set for your character.