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  • Language: English
  • Type: One-Shot
  • Publication date: 1/1/2021
  • Ruleset: DD5
  • Genres: Fantasy

Fort Ardraco

Adventure module for 5E

“Kuldur taken, too? That’s, what, three wizards and four clerics now, and the dragon mark drawn in blood at every place they were snatched from! What does it mean?”

The mark looks like the former emblem of House Ardraco, extinct long ago. Its ruined ancestral home is at the heart of many rumors in the region. Lost in the middle of a dense, grim forest, the fort awaits adventurers who might shed light on its mysteries.

Fort Ardraco is an adventure powered by the 5th Edition rules of the most mythical roleplaying game. It is intended for character levels 1-5. Written by the legendary Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms, this module can be played as a standalone adventure or as part of a larger campaign.