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From Free League Publishing, created by Neuralnoise

In collaboration with natte.

Commentaries :

  • Color of a die can't be change in the pop-up result: 1 is red and 20 is green.
  • Initiative is managed by a roll of 1d10. Which requires reroll tie.
  • Damage bonus and Weapon damage need a value, don’t use a “-” and use “dX” and not “ydX”
  • Swedish: weapons need a “dX” syntax, don’t use a “tX” syntax


“It was in the oldest times, before the world was covered in forest and iron was tamed by dwarven masters. Before the advent of humanity and the mastery of the bread and ale-making arts.

The world was then ruled by dragons and demons. Yes, draconic serpents and demonic creatures were the princes and princesses of the oldest times. They were the primordial forces through which the world and its primeval matter was formed: the sky, the mountains, and the fiery oceans of magma and unthinking life.

They were opposing principles that made the world complete. Law and order versus chaos and madness, the stable and fixed versus the wild and eternally fluid.

Dragons versus demons. ”

– Excerpt from Godmundag the Elder’s Imperial Chronicle of the Oldest Times and their Remnants


"Det var i den äldsta tiden, innan världen täcktes av skog och järnet gjordes fogligt av brummande mästerdvärgar. Före människor ­ nas ankomst och bemästrandet av konsterna som ger bröd och öl.

Världen styrdes då av drakar och demoner. Ja, drakoniska ormar och demoniska kreatur var den äldsta tidens furstar och furstinnor. De var de urkrafter genom vilka världen och dess urmateria gestaltades: himlen, bergen och de flammande oceanerna av magma och viljelöst liv.

De var motstridiga principer som gjorde världen fullständig. Lag och ordning mot kaos och galenskap, det stabila och av fasta strukturer besjälade mot vildsintheten och det evigt flytande.

Drakar mot demoner."

– Ur Godmundag den äldres Kejsarkrönika över de äldsta åldrarna och deras kvarlevor

Published on 4/12/2023

Secondary Skill

Hello all, Now you can throw a secondary skill check by clicking on it !

Published on 2/2/2023

Sheet updated for Beta V2

Charactersheet has been updated to reflect changes between the Quickstart and Beta rulebook. Dwarf kin and kin ability added. New professions added. Profession abilities removed as players instead choose their heroic ability. Kin abilities are now translated to Swedish. If your ability is not translated, change to a different Kin and back again. Skills and Abilities tab were separated into their own tabs due to added number of skills. Spelltab updated to collapse/expand description as well as ability to roll damage by clicking the spell name.

  • Spells that were already created might have been lost from your charactersheet. Some skills renamed/replaced
  • Blunt weapons replaced with Hammers
  • Marksmanship replaced with Bows
  • Mobility replaced with Acrobatics / Evade
  • Scouting replaced with Awareness
  • Survival replaced with Bushcraft / Hunting & Fishing
  • Additionally, added new skills for a total of 20 regular skills and 10 weapon skills.

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