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Call of Cthulhu v7 - [FR/Eng]
From Chaosium / Edge, created by Jaggerwock

Here is the character sheet for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition including character sheets for players, NPCs and monsters ! Avaliable in English and French, with the possibility to play in Classic oor Modern era.

Published on 11/30/2022

Regency Cthulhu is now supported

Regency Cthulhu character sheet is available with new skills and reputation.

Cthulhu Regency est maintenant disponible comme feuille de perosnnage avec les nouvelles compétences et la prise en compte de la réputation.

Published on 6/15/2022

Reign of Terror / By Gaslight mode added

Two new version modes for Reign of Terror and By Gaslight are now available (with additional skills)

Published on 6/10/2022

Down Darker Trails (Old West) version added / Translation bugs fixed

A new version for Down Darker Trails is now available (with additional skills)

  • Skill rolls, attack & damages rolls are now properly translated.
  • Derivated skill values fixes

Une nouvelle version pour le far-west (Down Darker Trails) est désormais disponible (avec de nouvelles compétences).

  • Les jets de compétence, d'attaque et de dégâts gèrent également la langue sélectionnée
  • Correction de calcul des valeurs dérivées
Published on 1/25/2022

[Update] Update on EDU & DEX now update Language (Own) & Dodge

Added a prompt window when updating on EDU & DEX value. Now you can chose if it update Language (Own) & Dodge. Also fixed default value for STR, Language (Own) & Dodge.

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