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Dungeons & Dragons 5e SRD
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Find the character sheet for Dungeon & Dragons 5e, including character sheets for players, NPCs, monsters and spells!

Included with this system, all monsters and spells from the SRD, automatically available in the "books" section in your game.

Published on 11/11/2023

November 11, 2023 Update by Tiamate


A new update to the system! Please report any bugs or incidents to me on the forum (https://community.lets-role.com/t/dungeon-dragons-5e-srd-official-system/14435), or in #bug-report on the Discord, or by DM on the Discord.

I will do my best to react and fix them ASAP. Thank you for your trust and patience!

  • Migrated custom input fields from the Settings tab to the relevant fields (click pen to open), so they are accessible where they are used.
  • Slight changes to General Tab layout (Prof., Death Saves, Custom class/race) to improve legibility & clarity
  • Can select weight and distance units in Settings tab
  • In the advantage/disadvantage dropdown menu, you can now select "Always ask" which will bring up a prompt every time you roll a d20 from the sheet, inviting you to select advantage / disadvantage or straight roll.


  • Advantage/Disadvantage rolls now supported by NPCs & Monsters
  • Added Size, Alignment and Creature type to Monster sheet. Tooltip shows the size of control area. (SRD does not yet populate these fields)


  • Can now send details to chat independently from rolls. No more flooding in chat. You decide. You can also hide buttons and fully deactivate sending details to chat via Settings tab. Previous behavior can be reactivated in Settings tab by selecting "Always send to chat when rolling."
  • Can now hide details of weapons, spells, items and features by clicking the chevron symbol to the right of the element's title.
  • Can mark weapons/attacks as magical
  • Added information fields to features: feature source (class, race, background, etc.), action type, recharge time, effect duration, number of uses
  • Added information fields to items: object type, magical/non-magical, attunement, quantity, uses, value, weight, recharge time, effect duration
  • Tracking of carried weight and carrying capacity (can be customized). Encumbrance can be deactivated in Settings.
  • Tracking of attuned items. When number of attuned items exceeds 3, error message appears (attunement is not cancelled).
  • Tracking of total value of items at the bottom of the currency section
Published on 10/14/2023

October 14, 2023 Update by Tiamate

Hi everyone!

I just committed a large update to the official Dungeons & Dragons 5e SRD system.

Please report any bugs or incidents to me on the forum (https://community.lets-role.com/t/dungeon-dragons-5e-srd-official-system/14435), or in #bug-report on the Discord, or by DM on the Discord.

I will do my best to react and fix them ASAP. Thank you for your trust and patience!


  • Custom inputs not overriding default values
  • Class hitDice not properly updating
  • Init roll not taking init Bonuses into account
  • Spell Save DC and Spell Attack Bonus not properly updating
  • Proficiencies & Bonuses Display issues
  • Issues with multiclass
  • Weapon details not posting to chat when rolling
  • Translation issues
  • NPC actions not rolling (thank you @Hikit on Discord for reporting it)
  • Attack & damage rolls not accepting spaces
  • [SRD] Fixed incorrect Spell level (always loaded as 1 level lower than the actual level)
  • [SRD] Fixed Spell attack type not completing (save / ranged / melee)
  • [SRD] Fixed Monster AC not completing
  • [SRD] Removed incomplete Monster property fields


  • Moved Color component to Settings tab
  • Improved usability of Attribute rolls & Initiative roll
  • Improved usability to increment healing / damage
  • Improved layout and legibility of most tabs
  • Better indication of what's clickable


  • Multiclassing levels no longer capped at 10
  • Can now specify action type (bonus action, action, etc.) in Attacks tab
  • Temp HP & damage/heal input cleared when taking a long rest

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