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Pathfinder 2nd Edition
Da NovelEnigma, creato da NovelEnigma

A simple Pathfinder 2e system.

Pubblicata il 10/7/2022

Thank you to users

A huge thanks to anyone using this system. I barely know any coding and this has been a voluntary side-project for myself. At times, working on this has been especially frustrating and I've nearly quit a couple of times, but someone on the Let's Role discord offers help right when I need it. Thanks to SpiritFern especially, I've been making occasional updates to add new features and fix any bugs. If you have any requests or suggestions, please message me anywhere you can find me (Discord: NovelEnigma#6711).

Pubblicata il 4/5/2022

SpiritFern's Slew of Solutions

Another round of bugs were found thanks to @SpiritFern. If it wasn't for them, this sheet would be nearly useless!

  1. Updated the Armor Class section to be much more consistent with the sheet layout. Wearing armor and being proficient actually makes you harder to hit!
  2. Skills, saves, and perception now only add your level if you are TEML and select add character level rather than always adding your level regardless of being untrained or not. No more Untrained Improvisation for everybody, take the feat, then we can talk.
  3. Added a spot for hero points. It's time to be a hero! PJ Masks, we're the PJ Masks ~
  4. Added a spot for total bulk entry. You are now burdened by the physical weights of the world; Irori would be disappointed.
  5. Added spots for currency in your inventory. Priests of Abadar rejoice, you can now track your hard-earned cash!
  6. The reflex save button can be dragged to your action bar. Ironically, the dodgy save was the one that was slowest for you to roll.
  7. Attacks, including MAP -5 and -10 can now be dragged to your action bar. All characters now learn Quick Attack, but another move must be forgotten first.
Pubblicata il 2/5/2022

Another Update!

Thanks again to @SpiritFern for finding more bugs!

  1. Made some updates to the skills tab. It is almost an overhaul that now calculates proficiency and total separate from each other.
  2. Updated the combat tab's saving throws section to be basically the same thing as the skills tab with better auto-calculation
  3. The additional skill add-er was harder to work with and its not currently an ideal version, but see the note below for future fixes on this

Note: Due to a Let's Role bug, I can't take values from one page and use them on another. This is why there is currently a place to put your ability scores on the side tab, the skills tab, and the combat tab. Once this bug is fixed, I will remove these extra ability score spots.

Pubblicata il 27/4/2022

Bug fixes and an update

Thanks to @Spiritfern, bugs have been found and squashed.

  1. Acrobatics should correctly add all bonuses. Your very long pole of long jumping is suddenly magical again.
  2. You can now have a background. No more mysterious strangers with no past and nothing to lose (unless that's just your background anyway!)
  3. Added a box for movement speed. You're all officially faster than an inanimate object
  4. You can now drag your avatar onto the map. Sims... I mean characters may now walk and stand on bridges.
  5. Added ability score boxes to the skills tab for now that automatically calculate into your proficiency bonus. Your muscles finally apply to being athletic, who knew!?
Pubblicata il 2/4/2022

Skill Rank Calculation

Skills can now automatically calculate their proficiency bonus based on your level and selected rank. Due to a Let's Role bug, your ability score modifiers are not added. Current workaround is to add them in to your misc bonus for each skill for now.

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