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Shadow of the Demon Lord
From Schwalb Entertainment, created by Fatlus

A very automated unofficial (for now, at least!) sheet for Shadow of the Demon Lord, a horror medieval fantasy game designed and written by Robert J. Schwalb from Schwalb Entertainment.

Please check the forum post below for the full list of features and screenshots!

Hail the Demon Lord!

Published on 1/15/2022

Let's Role Launch

Hey, crew!

This is Fatlus speaking, also known as "Friend" in the Shadow of the Demon Lord's Discord Server!

With Let's Role launch, we could finally publish our systems to the Library and we now have this dedicated News feature to publish on our systems.

I wanted to warn you guys that might be coming from the Let's Role Alpha that, from now on, every time I do a new update on the sheet, I'll post the details here instead of the forum thread!

For now, no System updates, but since it will be used for certain now, I'll be glad to hear you guys' feedback on it!

As always, please ping or DM me (@Fatlus) in the Let's Role Discord or drop a post in the forum thread.

Hope you are having a blast with the official beta launch of our new home for tabletop gaming!

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