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Shadow of the Demon Lord
From Schwalb Entertainment, created by Fatlus

A very automated unofficial (for now, at least!) sheet for Shadow of the Demon Lord, a horror medieval fantasy game designed and written by Robert J. Schwalb from Schwalb Entertainment.

Please check the forum post below for the full list of features and screenshots!

Hail the Demon Lord!

Translation Credits

French: Albinus34, Portuguese (BR): Fatlus

Published on 2/27/2023

[RELEASE] v4.2.1 - Restored Ancestry Default Attributes + Translation Fixes

Hail, my fellow cultists. A small but essential update today.

It contains fixing several translation fixes and missing translations, plus restoring the ancestry default attributes function (hover the Ancestry field in editable mode for instructions!).

Patch Notes

  • Fixed the Ancestry Default Attributes function for Agility and Will.
  • Added a tooltip to the editable Ancestry field to indicate how the Ancestry Default Attributes function works.
  • Added several missing fields that had to be added manually. Once again, thanks to Albinus34 for providing the french translations!
  • Several script fixes to accomodate translation.
  • Several translation fixes.
  • Small sheet tweaks.
Published on 2/25/2023

[RELEASE] v4.2.0 - Translation Support

Translations Support Translation support was added to the sheet! If you want to contribute with translations to another language, please contact me here through DMs or on the Let's Role official Discord server (@Fatlus). Bear in mind that some translations are missing, since they need to be manually added. It will be added in a future update!

  • French translation available, thanks to Albinus34!
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation available!

Additional Tweaks

  • Bio tab renamed to Profile.
  • Profile tab's left header now shows the character's name.
  • NPC's Info tab's title now shows the NPC's name.
Published on 2/14/2023

[RELEASE] v4.1.0

Hail, my fellow cultists!

As promised in the last version's patch notes, I implemented the promissed features AND MORE!

Hope you enjoy it. As usual, if bugs arise, please call me on Discord (@Fatlus at the Let's Role server, @Friend of the Living Planet at the Demon Lord server).


  • Languages input overhauled both in code and form. It broke earlier parameters. Sorry!
  • Spell castings and talent uses are now represented by pips that can be checked, instead of a number display. Tracking is much easier now!
  • Edit view layout was overhauled for weapons, talents and spells.
  • Weapon, talent and spell display layouts were slightly tweaked to support the new features.
  • Small tweaks to all bindings (stuff that can be linked on the chat through the scroll button).

New Features

  • Talents and Spells now send a binding to chat when clicked.
  • Colors and icons added to Talent headers. Easy to differentiate the source!
  • Added a Talent Filter by Source.
Published on 2/14/2023

Version 4.0.0 - Released!

Hail, my fellow cultist brothers!

I've been away from Demon Lord games for a long while and, as a reflection of this, it has been almost a year since I've updated this system here on Let's Role.

However, after forever, I took my time to update it with plenty of bug fixes and a few juicy new features.

If there is a bug, remember to report it to me on Let's Role Discord server (@Fatlus) or in the Demon Lord's server (@Friend of the Living Planet).

Stay safe! Hope you guys enjoy the new sheets.

Broken Features Tradition list and the weight from each item was lost. However, it's easy to fix it. Sorry! Everything else should not be affected.

Sheet Layout Overhaul Both the PC (Character) and NPC sheets had their layout completely overhauled! They are now more compact, while retaining the exact same amount of info (and more with this update!).

  • The leftmost 1/3 of the sheet was split between the header of the sheet (Attributes, Characteristics, Afflictions) and the Bio tab (Ancestry, Paths, Avatar).
  • Some elements were moved around on order for better overall display.
  • Some elements were renamed for clarity.

Feature Changes

  • Collapsible Afflictions. They no longer take a huge part of your screen - only if you want.
  • Tradition repeater was simplified into a string. More space, no need to make the simple a complex thing!
  • Items were simplified.
  • NPC sheet was completely overhauled. Check it out!

New Features

  • Tooltips on icons. Icons that did not have tooltips now have. More information, less space. This includes Afflictions!
  • Collapsible Health details. This reduces the character's Health book keeping, including increases from Paths and temporary changes to Health.
  • Coloured Edit button. When editing is toggled on, the icon's color is changed to green.
  • Damage status icon. Shows up when Injured, Incapacitated or Dead, indicating the condition.
  • Health status icon. Shows up if Health is higher or lower than the default value.
  • The "Add..." and edit buttons are removed from repeaters when the sheet is not in Editable Mode. Clean and compact!

Next Update!

  • Spell layout overhaul.
  • Talent Filter by Source.
  • Colors in Talent Headers.
Published on 1/15/2022

Let's Role Launch

Hey, crew!

This is Fatlus speaking, also known as "Friend" in the Shadow of the Demon Lord's Discord Server!

With Let's Role launch, we could finally publish our systems to the Library and we now have this dedicated News feature to publish on our systems.

I wanted to warn you guys that might be coming from the Let's Role Alpha that, from now on, every time I do a new update on the sheet, I'll post the details here instead of the forum thread!

For now, no System updates, but since it will be used for certain now, I'll be glad to hear you guys' feedback on it!

As always, please ping or DM me (@Fatlus) in the Let's Role Discord or drop a post in the forum thread.

Hope you are having a blast with the official beta launch of our new home for tabletop gaming!

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