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Vampire The Masquerade, 5 Ed.
From Renegade Game Studios, created by Tiamate


Check out the forum thread at the bottom of this description for a list of features of the system and how to use them. Suggestions are welcome! Please report any bugs, and let me know if I’ve forgotten anything!

!!!VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!!! GMs, make sure you open every player character sheet, at start of play and every time you reload the page (you can close them or minimize them afterwards, but you need to open them all once). Otherwise players will have issues seeing other player's rolls (Hunger Dice, rerolls).

Also if anyone is willing to help with translations, DM me!


Lisez le fil du forum en bas de cette description pour connaître la liste des fonctionnalités de ce système et comment s'en servir. Les suggestions sont les bienvenues ! N'hésitez pas à rapporter tout bug et à me dire si j'ai oublié quoi que ce soit !

!!!NOTE TRÈS IMPORTANTE!!! MJs, assurez-vous d'ouvrir chaque feuille de personnage joueur au démarrage de la partie et à chaque fois que vous rafraichissez la page (vous pouvez ensuite les fermer ou les réduire, mais vous devez ouvrir chacune au moins une fois.) Sans quoi, les joueurs auront des bugs à l'affichage des jets des autres (dés de Soif, relances).

Aussi, si quelqu'un se sent d'aider avec les traductions, envoyez moi un MP !

Published on 8/21/2023

August 21, 2023 Update

Following @Palanthis 's suggestions,


  • Blood Potency bonuses can now be automatically applied to Discipline power rolls --> check the option in the Settings tab ('☰') and then, in the Frequent Rolls tab, check "This is a Discipline power roll" to automatically apply the Blood Potency bonus to said roll.
  • Rouse Checks can now be rerolled --> if your character's Blood Potency exceeds zero, a button to reroll will automatically appear when a Rouse Check is failed. /!\ This does not discriminate between Rouse Checks tied to using a Discipline power of the appropriate level and other situations where you would roll a Rouse Check, so make sure to check that you can indeed reroll!
  • New Predator Styles from various expansions: Extortionist, Trapdoor, Montero, Grim Reaper, Graverobber, Pursuer, Roadside Killer (will be translated when the official translations become available). /!\ in case of multiple pairings or skill/attribute options, the choice will be left as "Default", make sure to pick the option you're going with.


  • Fixed French translations for "Ministry" and for "Oblivion"
  • Fixed Buttons displaying poorly since the last Let's Role update


  • Implemented @Guile 's LRE module to ease coding of repeaters

Let me know if you encounter any glitches.

Published on 10/5/2022

¡Ahora traducido al español!

Gracias a la inestimable ayuda de Sascuash Kirtash, ¡este sistema ya está disponible en español! :)

Published on 4/10/2022

April 10, 2022 Update


  • Clan, Predator Style, Temperament, Resonance and all choice boxes in the Custom Roll pop-up are now sorted alphabetically according to the selected language, instead of being sorted according to the English alphabetical order. Note: I have not sorted choices in Repeaters because time cost would exceed benefits.
Published on 1/28/2022

New feature: Resilience power bonus


Added a checkbox in the Settings tab allowing to add the character's Fortitude rating to their Health score, granted by the **Resilience power (Fortitude 1) **. Maximum possible Health increased by 5 -- Suggestion from BatmanTheBlind


Ajout d'une case à cocher dans l'onglet Paramètres permettant d'ajouter le niveau de Force d'âme aux points de Santé, effet du pouvoir Résilience (Force d'âme 1). La valeur maximum de la jauge de santé a été augmentée de 5 points -- Suggestion de BatmanTheBlind

Published on 1/22/2022

Bug Fix


Fixed a glitch that prevented newly created character sheets from initializing fully and broke the Frequent Rolls memo and the Disciplines. You shouldn't have that issue anymore.

Regarding the glitched Dice Log at table opening, there's nothing I can do as this is a Let's Role bug, but all rolls after table launch should work fine.


Correction d'un bug qui empêchait les fiches de nouveaux personnages de s'initialiser complètement et cassait le pense-bête de Jets Fréquents et les Disciplines. Vous ne devriez plus rencontrer ce problème.

S'agissant des jets de dés buggés dans l'Historique de jets de dés à l'ouverture de la table, il n'y a rien que je puisse faire car c'est un bug Let's Role, mais normalement tout jet après ouverture de la table devrait fonctionner normalement.

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