What's Coming in 2023: Let's Role Updates

We know many of you are wondering what we have in store for 2023. So, here's a brief recap of what's planned.

First and foremost, we're excited to announce that we'll be exiting the beta phase and moving into a stable version in the coming months, after fixing a selection of remaining bugs. We've already made significant infrastructure changes for stabilization purposes and we're committed to providing you with a seamless and smooth gaming experience.

We've also planned a revamp of the journal and crafts for a more immersive gaming experience. These improvements will make it even easier for you to prepare your game nights and enjoy the adventures you'll share with your players on Let's Role.


We're also thrilled to inform you that we're working on a new version of the System Builder. Our goal is to make this new version as compatible as possible with the old one so you can easily migrate and continue to develop even more interesting systems in the future.

We're also launching the development of the Let's Role mobile application. We'll be regularly consulting the community to ensure that this application meets all your needs.

As every year, we'll be conducting a major survey in the fall to gather your feedback on our platform. We're looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions to continue improving Let's Role.

Finally, we're committed to better communication this year. We're ready to welcome as many players as possible in 2023, and we want to ensure that all players are aware of all the improvements and new features of Let's Role.

We're looking forward to sharing this exciting year with you on Let's Role. Stay tuned to stay informed of our progress and to discover all the new features we have planned!

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