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Discover Our New Mobile App

Discover Our New Mobile App

What's new in this month Play Pass?

Maps, dice, and animated frames!

State of Let's Role and April Play Pass

What's the latest on Let's Role? What's new in the April Play Pass?

February Play Pass

What's new this month ?

Let's Role's future

I'd like to go back a bit to the history of Let's Role, its current state, and its future.

In November's Play Pass

Houses maps; frost dice and Halloween animated frame

What's new in the October Play Pass?

What's new in the October Play Pass?

Let's Role Launch Trailer!

After more than 4 years in development, Let's Role is now available in stable version. Come and join us!

In September's Play Pass

What's new in this month's Play Pass?

Table duplication is here!

Today we're pleased to introduce a feature that Let's Role GMs have been waiting for: table duplication.

This month in the Play Pass

Get into the summer spirit with the August update to our Play Pass! 🌞

Character sheet skins updated!

Do you own character sheet skins? Or are you a system developer? We've just updated all the character sheet skins!