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What's new in the June Play Pass?

Discover the exciting updates of Let's Role's Play Pass! Get exclusive maps by Snowy's maps, stunning dice sets like 'Dream Vision' and 'Kawaii Sprinkles'. Level up your gaming experience and support Let's Role!

Introducing the Roll Maker

Discover our new Roll Maker, a user-friendly tool that eliminates the need for complex dice formulas. Roll explosive dice, compare results, and enjoy seamless integration. Perfect for newcomers and GMs struggling with dice calculations.

Discover our 87 new free status icons

Experience an even smoother gameplay with our 87 free status icons pack, designed to represent the bonuses and afflictions of your characters.

Revamped and Redesigned: Introducing Our Brand New Journal System

Our redesigned and re-coded journal makes creating and sharing documents easier than ever before. With new features like folder sharing and icon association, organizing your entries is a breeze. Try it out now and take your gaming experience to the next level!

We are heading towards a stable release

Since our launch in 2019, we've been working tirelessly to provide the best possible role-playing experience for all players, and we're proud that the constant improvements we've made mean that we'll soon be leaving the Beta phase that began in 2022

Choose the right license for your systems

Learn about the three default licenses now available for your systems. Choose the license that best suits your needs and protect your copyright while allowing others to contribute constructively. See our full documentation page for more information.

What's Coming in 2023: Let's Role Updates

Discover the upcoming updates on Let's Role in 2023! We'll be leaving beta, making major improvements, and launching a mobile app. Stay tuned to stay informed of our progress!

Exciting new content for Let's Role in March

We are excited to introduce you to the exciting new content we have added to the Let's Role platform for the month of March.

The redesign of the journal is coming

After the media manager, it's the journal's turn! Here is what we have planned for the redesign.

The new media manager has arrived!

It all started with the survey we did at the beginning of the summer, in which we realized that some basic tools could use some work. We decided to start with the media manager, and after taking feedback from the community on Discord, William tackled a new, more ergonomic and functional design.

What's next?

The results of the major survey launched on June 16, 2022 were fascinating to analyze.

News, and questions/answers

Benjamin joined Jonathan for this one-hour live chat on Discord, where we discussed the latest Let's Role news, its future, and answered all your questions!