Discover Our New Mobile App

We are thrilled to announce the release of our brand-new mobile app. After months of development and testing, we are ready to offer you an app that will enrich and simplify your gaming sessions both IRL and online! Ready? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Let's Role App for?

Our app allows you to easily create, use, and share your character sheets directly on your Android phone or tablet. Compatible with all existing systems on Let's Role, you can use it for your tabletop games or to play online with your friends directly on your mobile device.

Pathfinder 2


  • Create Characters: Choose your game system from the Let's Role library, name your new character, and you’re ready to go!
  • Play Online with Your Mobile: Whether your friends are on a computer or also on mobile, once you join a table they will see all your dice rolls, and you will see theirs.
  • Play IRL*: No more paper! You always have all your characters with you on your phone! For each action, you can choose to roll the 3D dice in the app or display the formula to roll them IRL.
  • Character Syncing: All your characters available on the site are available in the app. When you modify a character on the site, it’s modified in the app. Everything is stored in the cloud, so you never lose your data.
  • Customization: You can use all your dice skins, character sheets, or avatar frames.
  • Dice Roller: You can create formulas and roll dice at any time.

Dice Roller

Why You’ll Love It

The app was designed with feedback from our community in mind. Here are a few reasons it’s popular among those who use it:

  • Easy to Use: A clear and smooth interface for immediate handling.
  • All Let's Role Systems: Hundreds of games created by the community, usable for free.
  • Free: Use the app without limits with ads, or subscribe to get all the Play Pass benefits and remove ads.
  • Innovative: Switch from online to IRL gaming and back, with your characters always available and up to date.



The ideal companion for role-playing gamers, perfect for playing away from the keyboard and even the PC! [...] Thanks Let's Role, it’s a real revolution for me. ;)
Holf (Play Store)
Excellent app that paves the way for using Let's Role for classic tabletop games.
Flo Rian (Play Store)
Awesome app! All our characters on our phone!
Kharakhol (Early Access)


The app is now available on the Google Play Store.

Play Store

Join Our Community

We have a large community of beginner and experienced role-players where you can ask questions, propose improvements, and share your experiences. Join us on Discord!

The Future

The app will continue to evolve with feedback from the community. We also hope to launch an iOS version as soon as possible. Feel free to share your feedback and spread the app among your acquaintances. Enjoy your game!

* : IRL: In Real Life, opposite of online.

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