State of Let's Role and April Play Pass

What's the latest on Let's Role?

After the announcements at the end of 2023 that development would be put on hold, some people were worried about the future of Let's Role. Now that a few months have passed, we can see that our finances have stabilized, and that there's no reason to stop in the short or medium term. Even better, there are more and more daily visits and games played every evening on Let's Role! Thank you to the entire community for your trust 😍 Every time you share our website with your friends, it helps!

What's new in the April Play Pass?

No less than 3 sets of dice for Traveler Play Pass this month! You'll find light wood, rare metal and red dragon dice, to be used according to your preferences in all your games.

You'll also find 3 houses (or rather, mansions?) with dynamic lighting settings and numerous variations in over 30 maps, to be found in your Scene Explorer.

Play Pass adventurers also get the terrifyingly organic "Alien" dice set 😱

play pass

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