The new media manager has arrived!

It all started with the survey we did at the beginning of the summer, in which we realized that some basic tools could use some work. We decided to start with the media manager, and after taking feedback from the community on Discord, William tackled a new, more ergonomic and functional design. A few weeks later, the code was done, and we just rolled out the new media manager to everyone!



  • It is possible to drag'n drop a media from the file explorer of your computer directly on the scene: the image is uploaded in your media manager in the background, and is added directly to the scene
  • The verification of the files before the upload is much better, with messages and error codes in case of problems
  • You can upload media by drag'n drop from your file explorer directly into the media manager (you have to drop the files on the file list)
  • You can add any media to the scene directly via a button (in an open media or via the contextual menu). The media is added to the center of the scene
  • You can create a scene with a media by opening the media or via the contextual menu. This will create a new scene with the image or video in the background, at the dimensions of this media.
  • You can create a new log entry with image media. This will automatically create a new entry and add the image. You can then share or edit it as you wish.


  • You can view your media as a detailed list with key information, or as a list of thumbnails
  • In detailed list format, you can sort by name, weight, or creation date
  • In thumbnail format, you can choose the size of the thumbnails (4, 3, 2, or 1 thumbnail per line)
  • You can right click on any list item, to display the contextual menu that allows you to rename, delete, add to scene, create a scene or create a journal entry quickly.
  • You can select several media at once by clicking on their title. The contextual menu then only offers you to delete them. You can also move all selected media into a folder.
  • You can search all your media by keyword and filter by media type


  • The list of your folders is always displayed in the left column
  • You can create new folders via the button at the top of the column, or via the contextual menu (right click)
  • You can filter the folders quickly via the field at the top of the column
  • You can drag'n drop a folder to put it in another folder, and move it and all the media in it
  • It is possible to delete a folder. All the media and all the sub-folders will be deleted
  • You can sort your folders by date of creation or alphabetical order


  • You always have a quick view of your disk space usage quota. This time, we have been careful to round up to two digits after the decimal point to avoid any problematic rounding
  • The media manager has been translated into English and French for now
  • The partner content has been redone for easier access to folders
  • The content manager remembers the configuration in which you leave it between two parts

We hope this new media manager will help you have a better game as a GM! This is the first redesign of the core tools, next on the list will be the crafts and the journal. Feel free to give us your feedback on Discord!

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