The redesign of the journal is coming

After the media manager, it's the journal's turn! Here is what we have planned for the redesign. Feel free to drop by Discord to give us your feedback, there's a special channel for that!


  • separation of personal and shared entries via tabs
  • navigation is still done in the dock, without opening a popup
  • display of a tree structure with all folders and subfolders and journal entries, on the same type as the media manager
  • use of context menu (right click) to create folders, delete entries, etc
  • ability to drag and drop log entries into folders, or move folders in the same way
  • share indicator via an icon for shared entries, and display of the players involved by hovering the mouse over it
  • display of classification icons
  • no more possibility to see journal entries of all tables : it will now be possible to "clone" journal entries from one table to another (these will be independent)
  • display of creation date, last modification date, author on rollover

Journal entry

  • removal of components to move the entry to a folder and delete it, these are now available via drag'n drop and the contextual menu
  • possibility to choose a classification icon: a small icon that will allow to identify the journal entry easily in the list of entries (you can choose a "NPC Portrait" icon, a "Lore" icon, etc)
  • removal of the "show to all" icon on the side of the diary entry: this function is now in the share tab


  • Possibility to drop a log entry on the stage : this will leave an icon on the stage that can be clicked by players to display the log entry
  • Debug
  • Complete redesign of the sharing code for more robustness
  • Redesign of the dock and the sharing of an entry

After a few days of collecting your feedback, William will be able to start the redesign, then the code will follow.

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