What happened during the week of bug hunting?

The week of bug hunting went very well and we were able to fix a total of 38 important bugs and made 2 major improvements! We hope that Let's Role will be even more pleasant to use after all these fixes.

Thanks to all the community who reported all these bugs during the last months and to Dyzae who takes care of our tracker!

Here is the list of fixes:


  • Fixed the drag'n drop from a craft or a book onto a character sheet sometimes duplicating entries or breaking the repeater. This fixed importing spells from the SRD onto a 5e sheet!
  • Fixed creating subfolders in the media manager when playing
  • When a collaborator is currently editing a system, a warning message (with the name of the collaborator) is displayed instead of the "save" and "publish" buttons, since it is not possible to edit the system in this case anyway
  • Fixed system builder translations not being saved
  • [System Builder] Fixed referencing a component from a tab not being updated in real time
  • Doubled the number of interactions before the "Access denied. You have exceeded the number of requests allowed" message shows up
  • When changing an image from a layer to another (through right click), the image no longer moves to another position
  • Fixed choice element not saving their default value in repeater edit view. You do not need to change the value manually anymore
  • [System Builder] Fixed loading a older commit into the system builder using the "wrench" icon in the commits list. Keep in mind saving your system when an older commit is loaded will NOT change the older commit, but the current working state of your system.


  • Fixed roll actions not showing up when the visibility of the roll was set to "GM only"
  • Fixed the distance not being correctly computed when using the line ruler tool without grid, and with waypoints
  • The share menu in a craft is now always visible, even if there is no one to share the craft with
  • When in-game, fixed renaming a journal folder not working
  • Fixed changing the folder of a journal entry
  • Fixed the journal entry list not showing newly shared entries (now it happens after a slight delay)
  • Copy/Pasting scene images with ⌘+C ⌘+V works for mac users, but only on Chrome and Firefox, and not Safari. Reminder : Safari is not a supported browser
  • You should not be able to make a window get "stuck" outside of the interface anymore. Windows will resize up to 95% of the width and height of the screen maximum.
  • Table preferences (skins, locale, etc) will not be shared between accounts on the same computer anymore. You may need to enter your tables with the first account one last time before this work
  • When picking an avatar/token from your last uploads in the avatar editing window, the avatar/token is not uploaded again anymore


  • The QuickBar now supports Crafts elements (you can drag'n drop elements from your crafts sheets onto the QuickBar)
  • [System Builder] Fixed the sheet.off() method (for removing an event) not working correctly
  • Fixed expanded choices (radios and checkboxes) interacting with each others when the same sheet view is opened several time. For example when you open two character sheets, and a choice change on the first sheet changes the other sheet
  • Fixed a journal entry being deleted when a user to whom the entry was shared changed the folder. Now an error is thrown.
  • Fixed the size of avatar/tokens with frames when on a character or craft sheet. Now the frame will not be cropped and fit the avatar's space
  • Fixed character sheets always fiting the full width on the website. Now they are the size set up by the system creator (with an optional scrollbar if they are larger than the website width).
  • [System Builder] Fixed the width of the text boxes used for translating a system sometimes getting very small. Also decreased a bit the font size so more text can fit
  • Fixed the "cancel" button on the avatar edition window in-game not working
  • Fixed editing the bars of a token not working when it had a frame attached
  • Fixed the in-game main menu sometimes being behind other elements


  • Fixed choice radios buttons interacting with each other when multiple repeaters views where opened
  • 3D Dice : when rolling explosive cumulative dice (with expladd), the number of 3D dice and their values is now correct
  • Updating a custom roll in the quickbar does not remove its icon anymore
  • Added a color change feedback on clickable elements on the medieval and demonic sheet skin. Also changed the color of the feedback on the cyberpunk sheet skin
  • Changed the white color of textarea to a dark brown on the detective sheet skin, so it is easier to read
  • Added a "Save" button when renaming a craft so users won't have to guess they have to press "ENTER"
  • You can now change the language of a character sheet when viewing it on the website. Also, the sheet is now in the default locale choosen by the user: if the Let's Role website is in English and there is an English localization available for the sheet, it will be in English even if the default locale of the system is French
  • [System Builder] You can now use CSS classes selectors in delegates events. Example with the 5e system:
sheet.get('attributes').on('click', '.text-large', function(subComponent) {
  • Avatars with frames in-game now have more spaces for themselves and should not overlap anymore. Also fixed the scrollbar appearing before all the space is used


No debug but two cool features for today:

  • You can now see who is currently typing in the chat. For now, it is only available in global chat, not private messages
  • You can now add journal entries in the quickbar. Simply drag'n drop an entry for the entries list onto a slot in the quickbar, and you'll be able to open the journal page at any time by clicking on the slot. You can also change the icon if you wish to.

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