Revamped and Redesigned: Introducing Our Brand New Journal System

We are very excited to announce the release of our brand new journal system! After months of hard work, during which we redesigned and re-coded the entire journal, taking into account your feedback, it is finally available. We made sure that creating and sharing documents is as easy as possible.


Before you go and test it for yourself, here are some of the main new features:

  • There is no more pagination, all your folders and entries are directly available
  • Your own entries and those shared with you are available in two different tabs
  • You can still share entries, but now it is also possible to share entire folders!
  • The new interface makes a lot of use of the context menu: find very useful shortcuts by right-clicking on your entries or folders
  • You can reorganize your folders and entries by simply dragging and dropping them
  • It is now possible to associate an icon to your entries to identify them more easily
  • You can now drag and drop an entry onto the stage. When players see it, they can click on it to open the journal entry!
  • A super-fast search engine
  • A redesigned text editor, which fits the table skin, and is more compact and convenient

All the entries you had before and their shares have of course been kept.

We are very proud of this redesign of the journal, and we are sure that it will improve and facilitate your TTRPG games. You've encountered a bug or have a suggestion? Don't hesitate to join out Discord server !

Enjoy your stay :D

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