What's next?

The results of the major survey launched on June 16, 2022 were fascinating to analyze. Many of you responded, and we sincerely thank you, especially since there were so many questions. In order to stay connected to the community and make Let's Role your platform, we've made a number of important decisions for the rest of the year.

Guaranteeing the stability of the application

We will first work on the really basic functions of Let's Role, namely data and stability. Here are the main steps:

  • Improve the game login screen, with better error messages and help in case of problems
  • Better detection of wild disconnections, with an automatic and transparent reconnection system
  • Fix the saving of character sheet data on the site, which sometimes doesn't work
  • Fix the synchronization problems that can occur with the character sheets

These corrections will come soon.

Complete redesign of some features

Thanks to the survey, we could see which features you use the most, and which ones need the most work. As a result, we will be revising the following features in depth, both in terms of usability and capabilities:

  • Journal
  • Media Manager
  • Crafts

We want to get feedback from the community as we redesign these features, so we will present our progress and take your feedback into account as we go. (See you on Discord!).

Remove and rework the WebGL engine before re-releasing it

Many of you have tested the new WebGL engine, and you have given us valuable feedback. We will now remove this engine from the site to continue working on it internally. It is still suffering from some major glitches, and we don't want this to be a disappointing experience for players. We'll put it back in once we're satisfied.

This means that dynamic lighting will not be available on Let's Role for some time. If you have made scenes on the WebGL engine, they should all be accessible with the old engine.

We're not happy about removing a feature after you've had a taste of it, but as it stands the WebGL engine doesn't deserve its place. This new engine is still an important priority, and it will be back as soon as it is ready.

Help Center

In addition to the Wiki, we will be developing a large help center, in the form of a giant FAQ, which will be available directly on the site. We hope this will help new (and older)comers to easily find answers to their questions.

We are looking for volunteers to help us build and maintain this knowledge base, so feel free to send a message to Jonathan on Discord if you want to participate!

Discord Bot

The vast majority of the community meets on Discord, on our official server. We are proud to see so many people coexisting so well for all these years, in a friendly and helpful atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the first Bot developed years ago, which was supposed to be the link between the site and discord, is no longer functional (to be honest, it has always been rather a bit of a headache).

We're going to make a new bot from scratch, which this time should be much more responsive.

Other new features

We have 2 major new features coming, at the earliest in September 2022. We don't want to say too much about them yet, but they will be major steps for Let's Role.

In the end

Overall, the results of the survey are very encouraging, the community seems satisfied with Let's Role! This survey allowed us to get information that is not clear in our daily discussions with players, and allows us to make choices that we would not have made otherwise.

We hope these changes will be welcome. Feel free to join our Discord to discuss them!

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