What is the purpose of crafts?

The interest of crafts depends on the use intended by the creator of the system. Depending on the game, they can be used to create NPCs (Non-Player Characters), monsters, equipment, spells, etc.

The crafts are developed by the creator of the system, so they will be different for each game.

Create craft tokens

It is possible to drag craft onto the scene. This feature is especially useful for creating tokens for NPCs or monsters. To do this, simply drag and drop the craft from the Crafts dock to the scene. The created token will behave like a character token with the ability to assign bars or auras to it, give control to another player, add it to the turn order, etc.

Drop a craft into a character sheet

If the system allows it, it is possible to drop a craft into a character sheet. Simply open the character sheet and the craft at the same time and drag and drop the Drop button (located in the top bar of the craft) to the character sheet.

This function allows you, for example, to add a craft to a character sheet, such as a spell or a weapon.