How do the dice sets work?

Once purchased, dice sets are available for all your tables, even those already created. On the game start page (after clicking on Play Now), it is possible to choose the set used for the session in the Configuration area.

Can the other people at the table see my dice set?

Of course, they can! When you roll the dice, they will be displayed with the same set for everyone.

Can other people roll their dice with my set?

Dice sets are personal.

But wait! You can share your dice sets with players at your table with some Play Pass subscriptions!

Is it possible to change sets during the game?

Currently, no. You have to leave the table and join it again by changing your set on the pre-launch page.

Is it possible to use several sets at the same time?

Currently, no. Only the chosen set is loaded on the table and can be used for the session.