How do the icon packs work?

Icon packs allow you to customize the QuickBar with different styles of illustrations. Once purchased, icon packs are available on all your tables, even those already created.

Once the shortcut is created in the QuickBar (by a custom roll or drag and drop from the character sheet), you can change the icon with a right-click. The Choose an icon window will open. If no icon pack is linked to your account, only the default icons are available. If you have at least one icon pack, you can access the pack via the drop-down menu to view the corresponding icons. Then you just have to click on the chosen icon to display it on the shortcut.

Do the other people at the table see my icons?

Since the QuickBar is personal and only visible to you, no.

It is planned in future developments that your icons will be visible to other players at the table during some dice rolls!

Is it possible to use icons from different packs on the same QuickBar?

Yes, it is. As long as you own the packs, there are no restrictions on using your icons on the QuickBar.

Can other people at the table use my icons?

No, the icon packs are personal, but with some Play Pass subscriptions, you can share all your icons with your friends!