Which skins are visible or usable by other players?

The skins acquired in the shop (see what can I find in the store) are only usable by the person who has them on their Let's Role account, but some are visible to other players.

Nevertheless, it is now possible with some Play Pass subscriptions to share the skins you have on your account with other players! More information on the Play Pass page!


Everyone sees your dice, but only you can roll them. You can (for now) only use one set of dice at a time.


Everyone sees your avatar frame in the left column and your token frame on the virtual table. Only you and your GM see your avatar frame on your character sheet.

Sheet Skins

Only you and your GM see your sheet skin.

Table Skins

Only you see your table skin, but everyone else sees the GM's table skin if the GM shares it.

Icon packs

Only you see your icons.