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  • Language: English
  • Type: Supplement
  • Publication date: 1/1/2021
  • Ruleset: DD5
  • Genres: Fantasy


Lore Toolbox for 5E

Encyclopedia is a 360-page lore book for your 5th Edition campaign, including multitudes of ready-to-use cities, locations, NPCs, plot hooks, and magic items for your next game session.

Across this book, you will find 15 cities and many locations ready to serve as the settings of your next adventures. Each of these places has its own identity, featuring many adventure hooks and dozens of memorable figures, both friends and foes: a kobold mining village, a diabolist city, a necropolis, a hobgoblin pirate port, and more! The Free City, described over 40+ pages, is split into 15 districts, which you can use separately, as the locales of urban adventures, or as part of a teeming metropolis.

This toolbox is perfect for veteran game masters who want to level up their homebrew campaign, as well as for beginners seeking readily usable content to begin their first campaign. The book can also be used as a campaign setting to play in a universe steeped in Sword & Sorcery and portraying 4 colorful civilizations, each highly distinct from the others. Every one has its own atmosphere, its own mysteries, and its own antagonists. One of our main objectives was to step away from the tropes of classic fantasy, where orcs and other 'greenskins' are brutish and inherently evil. Here, for example, orcs have cultures of their own, including pacifistic ones like the Iruul orcs, while hobgoblins have a thriving culture of trading.