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Cyberpunk Red
From Talsorian, created by Gormarius


Created by Gormarius

Special thanks for:

Guile, Tiamate, Megalo on JS questions, and Dryss about rules of CP.RED and the FR community from Cyberpunk players. Thanks also to the FR community from Let’s Role for their support and help with the project.

System for Cyberpunk Red roleplaying game. Futuristic universe with Bladerunner tendencies, beyond the 2050s and around Nightcity. You will embody a freelancer paid to execute more or less legal missions. Specialized in a field (negotiation, vehicle piloting, matrix network...), you will bring your contribution to the custom-built team in order to carry out tasks for various clients, or corporations.


Créé par Gormarius

Spécial remerciement pour :

Guile, Tiamate, Megalo sur les questions de JS, et Dryss sur les règles de CP.RED et la communauté FR des joueurs de Cyberpunk. Merci également à la communauté FR de Let's Role pour leur soutien et leur aide sur le projet.

Système pour le jeu de rôle Cyberpunk Red. Univers futuriste aux tendances Bladerunner, dans les années 2050 et autour de la ville Nightcity. Vous incarnerez un indépendant payé à exécuter des missions plus ou moins légales. Spécialisé dans un domaine (la négociation, le pilotage de véhicules, le réseau matriciel...), vous apporterez votre contribution à l'équipe construite sur mesure afin de mener à bien des tâches de clients divers, ou de corporations.

Published on 2/16/2024

Drones / vehicles

Additional sheet for drones based from vehicle model tables of character sheet.

Published on 2/15/2024

Hardware list

Hardware list added for cyberdeck of netrunner.

Published on 2/15/2024

gauge analyzing programs installed

Added a gauge analyzing programs installed by netrunner on the cyberdeck

Published on 2/9/2024

Operator rank for trading

Operator rank (Fixer) added for trading skill during dice roll.

Published on 2/9/2024

Nomad skills

Moto Rank added to any Drive Land Vehicle, Pilot Air Vehicle, Pilot Sea Vehicle, Air Vehicle Tech, Land Vehicle Tech, or Sea Vehicle Tech Skill during roll.

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