What can I find in the shop?

There are only virtual and dematerialised items in the shop. These are optional features, unlocked by a payment.

In the shop, only the systems can be free (for the moment, there are no paid systems in the shop); all other items are paid for and are used to fund the Let's Role! platform - in fact, they are the only paid features of this platform.

Items purchased are only usable by the person who has them on their Let's Role! account, but some are visible to other participants (see I made a purchase, what do other players see).


Systems created by the Let's Role! team, with or without partnerships, as well as all systems created by the Community - those published (see how to publish my system in the shop).

Systems are the basis for playing your favourite games. They always include the character sheet, and often sheets for NPCs, monsters, equipment, etc.


Dice to replace the default dice used in Let's Role games. There are classic sets that look like traditional dice, but also others that are much more original. Find the dice that best suit your game! All players at the table can see your dice when you roll them.


Frames to decorate the avatars on your character sheets and tokens. Some are animated.

Sheet skins

Sheet skins to decorate your character sheets and replace the default skin. Most skins work on all available systems. Some skins are better suited to certain systems, which will be indicated in the product sheet. In any case, there are no restrictions on which skins can be applied to which system.

Table skins

Table skins to decorate your tables. They allow you to completely change the atmosphere around the table by changing the whole interface, the shortcut bar, and the log. Also, if you are a GM at a table, all your players have access to your default table skin.

Icon packs

Icon packs for your shortcut bar. The icons at the moment are only visible to you, but we'll change that.


Storage for your media. The cost varies according to the storage allocated and is on a sliding scale.