Waka par Akae - Olivier Sanfilippo

This icons pack is perfect for your games of Tenga, Ryuutama or L5R. Waka is a genre of Japanese poetry. That's what this pack offers us, featuring elements of the daily life of ancient Japan as well as elements borrowed from Japanese folklore and legends. The very fine and elaborate illustration, almost in monochrome with a touch of diluted color, is a tribute to the kanga. Duly sprinkled with the graphic universe of the Mangaka, Olivier was able to make the whole more contemporary and with very gripping imagery. Olivier Sanfilippo is known for his illustrations and his work as a cartographer for the biggest role-playing games of the moment, and also as an author, illustrator and cartographer on his creation "L'empire des Cerisiers".

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These icons can be used in your QuickBar and in different areas of the game application. You can assign an action from your character sheet to this icon, or assign a custom roll to it.

You will be able to use these icons as many times as you want, on all your games.