Horreurs indicibles par Loïc Muzy

This pack of icons is perfect for your contemporary and horrific investigation games, whether it is for Call of Cthulhu, Crimes, World of Darkness or even Kult.

Simple and complex, clean and detailed, very modern with an old-fashioned style, these icons manage to subtly immerse us, thanks to the daring marriage of concepts at the opposite ends of the spectrum, in a horrific and dreamlike universe. Thanks to this amazing recipe, Loïc offers us with his pack "Unspeakable Horrors", a graphic journey with a marked artistic direction.

Loïc Muzy is well known in the world of role-playing games, especially for his illustrations for the Call of Cthulhu. We asked him to express himself through a pack of icons, and we are proud to present you the result through these forty neo-retro illustrations.

Purchasing this icons pack directly supports the development of Let's Role.

These icons can be used in your QuickBar and in different areas of the game application. You can assign an action from your character sheet to this icon, or assign a custom roll to it.

You will be able to use these icons as many times as you want, on all your games.