DnD 5e Game Jam!

We are organizing a contest to improve the system of the 5th edition! To participate, make a fork of this system: https://lets-role.com/system/dungeons-dragons-5e-srd-2 , modify it as you wish, and send your participation on this form (https://forms.gle/11VvA5cTGz2M3hMJ8) before April 10th!


The winner will be determined by a jury and will win the following prizes

  • the set of 12 animated avatar and token frames 5e, worth 8 euros each
  • 3 sets of dice: The Blessed, The Believer and The Fallen, worth 8 euros each
  • the opportunity to participate in the development of a new dice set to be sold on Let's Role. The winner will be able to define the theme and graphic details of the dice set to be created, which will be used by the art direction team to develop the new set.

The winner will be chosen in April and announced before May.


The following criteria will be used to determine the winning system:

  • compliance with the 5th
  • compatibility with the SRD
  • quality and quantity of enhancements
  • ability to retain user data from the original system
  • ability to adapt to character sheet skins available on Let's Role
  • quality of the javascript code
  • quality of the interface of the different sheets
  • respect of the intellectual property of Dungeons & Dragons 5 and Wizards of the Coast

Important information

Collaborations are not allowed, and only the original author of the fork will be eligible for prizes. Do not publish your fork in the library! To share your system with us in the entry form, use the private sharing link for your system. The selected system will replace the current 5e system (the system will be copied).

Good luck to everyone! Don't hesitate to ask us your questions on Discord!

Find the complete rules of the contest here (in French) : https://lets-role.com/page/reglement-jeu-concours-5e

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