How do I change my character's avatar?

It is possible to change the avatar of a character by opening their sheet in the tab My Characters but also in the middle of a game, directly on the game table. To do so, just click on the avatar edit button to open the avatar configuration window.

You can import an image stored on your computer by clicking on Browse and then move and zoom it to fit the area as you wish. You can preview the final rendering in the left hand tab "Preview". When you are satisfied with the result, just click on Apply and your avatar will be changed.

For security reasons, you can only change the avatar of characters that belong to you, i.e. that are on your account. So, as a GM, you can't change the avatars of your players' characters.

Is it possible to use different images for the avatar and the token?

Yes, when importing the image, you just have to check the Avatar or Token box next to Use as to assign it to one or the other. You can then repeat the manipulation with the other choice to have an avatar and a token from two different images.

How to add frames?

On Let's Role, you can add frames to your avatars and tokens. The frames available on your account are listed in the Your Items tab at the bottom right. You can click on one of the frames to add it to the preview and then click Apply to save the change.