How do I create a character for one of my players?

On your side

Creating the character

Select the System you wish to create a character for.

Remember that the system chosen for the characters must be exactly the same as the one on your table.

Then in the window that opens, click on the blue +Create New Character button.

Next, assign a name to the character (you can always change it later - either you or your player) and then click on the white Create my Character button.

Now create the character according to the System rules.

Then, when you are happy with your creation…

Sharing the character

On the character sheet, click on Share.

You will be taken to a new page, with a link to the right Share this address.

Copy this address and send it to your player!

If you want to disable this link later, click on the small refresh icon to the right of the link. A new link will be generated, and the old one will no longer work.

On the player's side

Cloning the character

Your player will have to click on the link you sent them (or paste it into their browser).

Then, they will have to click on Clone to make the character their own.

By cloning the character, it is copied to the player account, but it remains available on the GM account. Modifications made on one account do not affect the other.

Joining your table

They should then use a link to join your table and import their freshly cloned character.