How do I invite a player to my table?

Creating an invitation

Go to My Tables and click on the Setup button of the table you wish to invite your player(s) to.

Then copy the link below "Invite friends to play! Give this link to the people you want to invite to your table."

Finally, send this link to the player(s) you wish to invite.

If you want to disable this link later, click on the small refresh icon to the right of the link. A new link will be generated, and the old one will no longer work.

On your player's side

They will have to click on this link (or paste it and open it in their browser). And in the window that will open...

1- If they already have created a character

They will have to click on Simply join this Table, then click on the Play Now button and then click on the Add an existing Character button.

2- If they have not yet created a character

They should click on Join this Table and create a Character.