What are the recommendations for a scene?

Map background

Often, a single image represents the background of the map. We recommend dimensions between 3000 pixels and 8000 pixels for this image.

If you use a lot of different images, we recommend not to exceed a few dozen images of 1000 px × 1000 px each.

Fog of War

If you want to use the fog of war, we strongly recommend that your scene not exceed 5000 px x 5000 px.

Dynamic Lighting

Remember that every wall, door and light on your scene adds a little bit to the resources that the scene will demand from the players' computers at the table. So use them sparingly.

The absolute limits on a single scene are as follows:

  • 200 doors
  • 250 lights
  • 500 walls

Be careful, most computers will start to have difficulties long before these limits are reached.