What emotional safety tools are available on Let's Role?

In order to avoid a player's discomfort during a scene he or she considers sensitive, Let's Role provides GMs with an emotional safety tool. It lists sensitive subjects and specifies which ones "can be discussed" and which ones are "not allowed". This allows players to join a table with full knowledge of the situation.

How to add topics?

Access to the list of topics is done via the table configuration, in the tab Security. The GM can list the topics discussed or refused by entering them in the corresponding box and clicking on the +. Once all the topics have been added, you must Save these lists. The topics will then appear in the main page of the table.

Is the X-card available on Let's Role?

Yes, any player can send an anonymous X-Card to the GM during the game by typing the following command in the chat:


Optionally, it is possible to give a reason for sending this X-Card via the command:

/xcard reason

X-Cards are never saved or logged on our servers. To protect you, they are sent to the GM and immediately forgotten by the system.