How do I share a character?

Sharing a character through a link

To share your character via a link that you can send via email, nothing could be easier! Just go to your character sheet on the site to your character sheet on the site, then click on Share.

You will be taken to a new page, with a link to the right of Share this address.

Just copy this address and send it to whomever you want! Everyone who has the link will be able to see your character, but will not be able to modify it.

If you want to disable the link, click on the little refresh icon to the right of the link. A new link will be generated, and the old one will no longer work.

It is possible to reuse a shared via a link character…

See how to use a shared character.

Embedding on a website

To embed your character on an external website, like a YouTube video, go to your character, then click on character, then click on More…, then Embed.

You will then have access to an HTML code that you can copy/paste on your site.