How do I invite collaborators to my system?

I need help developing my system (or someone has offered to help me). How do I go about inviting someone to work on my system?

First, you need to contact your future collaborator so that they can give you the email address with which they registered on Let's Role.

On your side

Once you have the address, on the Let's role site, follow 👤 Welcome,(Your Name) > Systems > (Your System) > Collaboration > Invite collaborators > User email..., enter your future collaborator's address and then validate by clicking Send Invitation.

On your future collaborator's side

Your new collaborator will have to follow 👤 Welcome,(Their Name) > Systems > Collaborations, then validate their collaboration to your system.

Once these two steps are done, you can collaborate on the same system. Warning, only one person can modify the system at the same time.